Susan’s book

Yoga for Christians
published by W Publishing Group, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers


Build your own class from warm up to meditation with this informative book that is the perfect tool for both students and teachers. Take your practice to the next level as you strengthen your faith and heal your body. Each pose is described with thorough explanation, including high and low intensity modifications, and photographs. Additional chapters are provided for a child’s practice and partner work.

Practice Christ-centered yoga at your own level of ability. Outstretched in Worship now offers THREE sessions in the VIDEO SERIES to meet every fitness level.

All 3 sessions now available in DVD format.

Session 1 is designed for beginners or those looking for a more relaxing workout. Even if you have never tried a yoga class, this session is appropriate for you. A limited amount of strength is involved and less-intense modifications are offered for most poses. Ready for more challenge? Try the more-intense modifications also shown as you gradually develop your practice. The 42-minute session includes a warm-up, heat-building postures, deep muscle stretches and relaxation.

Session 2 is considered a power yoga workout for those who like a little more challenge in their workout. Perfect for alternating days with the less-intense Session 1. This class is suggested for those who are currently in a yoga practice, who have mastered Session 1 or who are currently in a strength/fitness program. Build strength, achieve balance and lengthen tight muscles in this 50-minute workout. Less-intense modifications are shown for many poses as you gradually develop your practice.

Session 3 to the video series of Outstretched in Worship. Physically, this session is designed to be transitional, allowing the participant to move from a beginner flow to a more strength-based flow of the postures. Spiritually, Session 3 reflects the growth I hope we have all experienced by making this connection between the thoughts of our minds, the desires of our hearts and the movement of our bodies. Session 3 includes an Affirmation of Faith (also known as Trinity Prayer), a breath of prayer and prayer sequencing using biblical text. Buy this session on either VHS or DVD.

My Soul Waits by Ancient Doors. Recapture the attitude of worship while riding in the car or working at home with this original collection of songs featured on the video series. Use this relaxing and spiritually-uplifting music during your devotional time or use it as a background for practicing yoga postures on your own.